Excalibur LensMate
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Excalibur LensMate

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LensMate Cleaning System from Excalibur features a dry cleaning compound that can't leak, spill or dry out – it's ideal for scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, etc.

Keeping the lenses on all your optics clean in the field is important, but always a challenge. The Lens Mate Cleaning System from Excalibur, which features a dry cleaning compound, makes things easier as it eliminates the leaking, spilling and drying out you get with liquid lens cleaners.

The soft, dry pad, with compound applied, quickly and effectively cleans the lenses on all of your optics – scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and more. A retractable brush lets you remove dust and particles. A rubberized coating gives you a secure grip. And, the Lens Mate Cleaning System is compact for easy transport.

  • Manufacturer: Excaliber

Excalibur LensMate

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